Dermofarma Italia

Dermofarma Italia ( started out in the dermocosmesis and natural food-stuffs sectors when it acquired the patents and trade marks for BIOLASTIC (special antidandruff creams, lotions and shampoos) and BIO 200 (a royal jelly-containing product) from the Florentine company Brama Bracci Snc. The current production facility, which was established in 1987, is part of the industrial area of Salvatore Telesino, a town in the province of Benevento. This modern facility occupies 2000m2 of covered floor space and follows all the criteria set out by law for the production of dermocosmetic products.

Today, the company supplies the national market with a series of innovative products, such as products containing milk-fermenting bacteria (Gastroenterol and Enterogastr), feminine washes (Fisioderm intimo), natural pH soaps (Dermopure) and food integrators (Biolastic). Dermofarma Italia has been exporting its innovative Elastic shaving cream to the USA and Canada since 2003.

Dermofarma Italia invests over 40% of its profits in R&D yearly. The level of research of its R&D and quality assurance departments, which currently occupy 400m2 of floor space, has motivated the company to develop its products in more efficient, organic and market-oriented ways.

The R&D activities of the company are conducted in synergy with important research centres, such as BioTekNet. Dermofarma Italia also collaborates with the Federico II University of Naples, the 2nd University of Naples, Salerno University, CIRPEB (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sui Peptidi Bioattivi), CRIB (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sui Biomateriali) and the CNR’s National Institute of the Physics of Matter (Istituto Nazionale della Fisica della Materia, INFM).

The company has financed three research programmes over the last eight years on the basis of Italian law 598/98. These regarded the development of:

  • a shampoo for seborrhoeic dermatitis;
  • highly viable, dehydrated probiotics;
  • an innovative product for the treatment of vaginosis.

The company also has presented an R&D project called “Novel Applications for Polysaccharides in the Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine Industries” as part of Measure 3.17 of the Campania region’s 2000?2006 POR. This project has passed the first evaluation phase.

Dermofarma Italia founded the CWB in conjunction with Altergon Italia (see Attraction of Investment in Production in the Campania Region page). Moreover, in collaboration with BioTekNet the company presented in October 2009 the project entitled “Synthesis and Properties of Macrocyclic Lactones as Substitutes for Nitroaromatic and Polycyclic Musks in Essences for the Cosmetic Industry”, as part of the March 13 2009 Ministerial Decree of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, which aims to promote research projects on innovative products and/or processes that aim to substitute or eliminate chemical substances deemed “of very high concern”, as set out by Article 57 of the EU’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

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