BioTekNet is located at 7, via De Crecchio, Naples, Italy, in the restructured St. Andrew of the Dames monastery, which is part of the medical campus of the 2nd University of Naples. It is a joint stock company consortium (or società consortile per azioni, SCpA) established in 2007 as part of Applicazioni Tecnologiche Industriali di Biomolecole e Biosistemi (ATIBB), a centre for competence (CoE) in industrial biotechnology.

ATIBB-BioTekNet is one of ten CoEs founded by the 2000?2006 Regional Operative Programme (POR) of the Campania region government. One of the measures set out by the POR was to boost the development of innovations in areas of strategic interest for the Campania region through the creation of a network of regional research centres that could interact with local businesses. The launch of ATIBB-BioTekNet in 2003 was co-financed with €14,905,800 from the Campania region government.

All the shareholders of BioTekNet SCpA are public bodies, and are:

2nd University of NapleS 37 %
Federico II University of Naples 30 %
Italian National Research Council (CNR) 14 %
Cardarelli Hospital 10 %
Sannio University 6,5 %
Pascale Hospital 2,5 %

BioTekNet is a research entity that:

  • carrys out industrial research and pre-competitive development in thematic areas deemed important for local industry, by orienting the efforts of associated research groups and involving firms stably in the design and execution of innovations;
  • creates conditions that are conducive to the attraction in Campania of investment in the industrialisation of biotechnological innovations and, thus, that will be beneficial for employment through the creation of new firms;
  • supports local productivity in those areas in which biotechnology has a great impact, for example by the transfer of know-how to traditional sectors such as the food industry;
  • acts as a business incubator for knowledge-based firms, such as research spin-offs, and/or assists them in the start-up phase, such as by making important research facilities available to them;
  • offers high-level counselling and technological services to local and national firms;
  • trains professionals to a high level of specialisation.

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