BioTekNet organises and coordinates programmes of higher training and advanced training for young researchers and technicians in the biotechnology area. In particular, as part of Measure 3.13 of the 2000?2006 Regional Operative Programme (POR) of the Campania region government, BioTekNet has managed two 1-year-long higher training programmes between 2004 and 2007. These were:

  1. The “experts in the industrial application of biotechnologies” course
  2. The work-on-the-job and higher training project “Experts in Industrial Biotechnology and Management of Innovation in the Biotechnology Field”

The programmes were characterised by a strong on-job component. More than 100 professionals were trained in areas relevant to the biotechnology industry.

Regarding advanced training, BioTekNet has participated in a pilot project for advanced learning and training (istruzione e formazione tecnica superiore, IFTS) called “Tecnico Superiore in Biotecnologie Industriali”.

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