The work-on-the-job and higher training project “Experts in Industrial Biotechnology and Management of Biotechnology Innovations”

Duration and period: 1200 hours from May 2006 to May 2007.

Objectives and target participants: on-the-job training for 60 young experts in industrial biotechnology (profile 1) and in innovation in the biotechnology field (profile 2), with particular reference to the major sectors of application of ATIBB-BioTekNet, i.e., industrial bioprocesses, biosensor studies, biomedical applications, and biotechnologies for the environment and food industry.

On the basis of the activities carried out by ATIBB-BioTekNet, the number of trainees were:

  • 55 profile-1 experts in industrial biotechnology;
  • 5 profile-2 experts in biotechnology innovation.

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