Pilot project in advanced technical learning and training (istruzione e formazione tecnica superiore, IFTS) “Advanced Technician in Industrial Biotechnologies”

BioTekNet has participated in this project as part of the Associazione Temporanea di Scopo (ATS) with the technical institute ITIS Fermi-Gadda of Naples, the Faculty of Medicine of the Second University of Naples, CESVITEC, the ARES association and the National Union of Businesses UNIMPRESA.

Course objectives: create specialists in research techniques:

  1. with sound technical?scientific bases in analysis and research for the qualitative and quantitative characterisation of biotechnological processes and productions in the industrial compartment;
  2. who can perform a technical?operative and managerial role in bio-industrial production lines and in the various associated transformational processes;
  3. capable of conducting routine and research laboratory analyses in multiple areas;
  4. capable of using complex instruments, such as fermenters and synthesizers, and having appropriate knowledge in laboratory methods;
  5. capable of constructing instruments for the manipulation of cells as the basis of a service or production;
  6. capable of intervening as a programmer and operator in the management of biological industrial processes and as a specialised technician in public and corporate research and services centres.

Duration and period: 1200 hours from November 2010 to September 2011.

Participants: the course was intended for young graduates resident in the Campania region and has been completed by 14 trainees with suitable qualifications (mainly diplomas in chemical engineering and/or undergraduates or graduates in biotechnology, biology, chemistry or pharmacology). 

Role of BioTekNet: 1) planning, coordination and elaboration of teaching material for a total of 480 hours of technical training and knowledge consolidation in technical and scientific disciplines (general and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, general and industrial biology, notions of bioinformatics, food biotechnologies, pharmaceutical biotechnologies, environmental biotechnologies, notions in industrial biotechnologies, and the biochemistry of fermentation; 2) organisation of internships.

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