Development and management of industrial research projects in conjunction with firms

The development strategy of BioTekNet was based, even before a legal entity was set up, on the advancement of applied research activities in collaboration with industry or on the behalf of firms, as a privileged mechanism for the growth of ATIBB-BioTekNet. The assistance given to ATIBB-BioTekNet researchers and firms in accessing concessions on the funding of industrial research activities played an important role.

BioTekNet carries a portfolio of industrial research projects that are significant not only because of the amount of funding they have received but also because of the returns they are expected to generate. We are currently involved in a series of projects, for a total funding of €80 million, with partners that are primary players in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, such as Bracco, Siena Biotech, IBSA, Altergon Italia, Sanofi-Aventis, Biotest Italia and Novartis, and major agro-alimentary firms, such as Industria Olearia Biagio Mataluni Srl.

More details on these projects can be found in the Industrial Research Projects and Precompetitive Development page.

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