Attraction of investment in production in the region

The most important initiative of BioTekNet in this area is the founding of the Campania White Biotech Consortium (Consorzio Campania White Biotech, CWB). The CWB is one of the first six projects to be co-financed by the Campania Region Contract Programme, which is managed by the Department of Industry.

CWB intends to implement a complex industrial programme of research and training in white biotechnologies focused on hyaluronic acid and its derivatives.

The total cost of the project is approximately €45.5 million, of which €42 million is destined for investment in production, €2.5 million is destined for R&D and €1 million is destined for training programmes.

The shareholders of the consortium are:

  • Altergon Italia Srl
  • Dermofarma Italia Srl
  • Logint Srl; Tecnobios Srl
  • Bioker SpA

BioTekNet SCpA is the coordinator of the consortium and is involved in research and industrialisation. We expect to create 90 jobs/year with this project.  

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