The founding of TESLAB Srl and PHARMAPHELIX Srl

BioTekNet has supported the establishment of two academic spin-offs: TESLAB Srl and PHARMAPHELIX Srl.

Teslab was founded in 2007 by researchers and graduates of the 2nd University of Naples. The company has developed a novel technique for isolation of stem cells from dental pulp and holds 2 international patents. It has entered also into the field of stem cell banking, signing a joint venture in 2008 with the Clinident Institute of Paris.

Pharmaphelix was founded in May 2010 by researchers at the 2nd University of Naples, the Federico II University of Naples and the Italian National Cancer Institute Fondazione G. Pascale. The company has discovered a new class of molecule (1 international patent pending), referred to as ICM, which limit the migration of cells displaying an increased propensity for migration. These compounds are also capable of regulating the production and release of growth factors (such as VEGF), even in normal stem cells and tumour cells.

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