The BioStarNet Project

The BioStarNet (Biotechnological Startup Network) project, co-funded by the Italian  Ministry for Economic Development (DM October 24, 2007) started functioning in May 2010 to support the launch of business initiatives in the biotechnology field. It does this by providing firms with technical and scientific support, economic and managerial services, and direct aid.

This initiative is directed at research groups, spin-offs and young companies working in areas related to biotechnology and biomedicine. Its aim as a tool for the incubation of innovative companies is to strengthen integration between the business community, research centres and financial players.

In particular, the project is divided into two distinct and successive phases:

PHASE ONE — The provision of integrated and customised assistance and support to the drafting of business plans, and ongoing testing of the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the ideas. This is aimed at entrepreneurs with a business idea who have not necessarily set up a firm yet but who need training in specific areas of economic management.

PHASE TWO — Support of start-up companies with less than five years of life, through provision of expert assistance in the preparation of executive business plans, aid in the choice of location, the selection of the type of legal entity to create, identification of marketing and communication strategies to follow, and help in obtaining financial support (seed capital) and/or venture capital.

BioStarNet SCarl was created by the following consortium members to carry out this project:

  • BioTekNet SCpA (51%)
  • Sviluppo Italia Campania (15.53%)
  • Healthware SpA (10.32%)
  • Science and Technology Park of Salerno and AIC (10.19%)
  • Technapoli Consortium (10.19%)
  • Sviluppo Chimica (2.77%)

The overall duration of the project is 48 months. A lone was supplied by the MfED to the sum of €2,042,772.50, of which €600,000 can be used to provide direct funding to young companies.

Further details can be found at:

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