Setting up of an business accelerator for biotechnology firms

The business accelerator (or incubator) will be located in the Zona Ospedaliera area of Naples, within the grounds of Cardarelli Hospital. It will be physically connected to the hospital’s biotechnology centre, a BioTekNet research facility.

The incubator, funded by the Campania region government with DGR n. 1101 of 12 June 2009, will offer 3,500m2 of space for spin-offs and industrial research laboratories, and 1,500 m2 of laboratory and common areas.

It is planned to incubate up to 20 companies operating in the following biotechnology areas: chemicals and pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, biomedicine, instrument manufacturing, and development and production of biomaterials and clinical-surgical devices.

Cardarelli Hospital is organising the construction of the infrastructure, which should have a total cost of €4.9 million, and has posted the request for tender (construction should start later this year), whereas BioTekNet SCpA has been granted, by a public act, the management of the business incubator for the next 40 years.

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