Development of a cluster in the health and biotechnology sector

For the National Operative Programme’s (PON) research and competitiveness 2012 call, BioTekNet and the Campania branch of the Italian employers’ federation, Confindustria, presented a feasibility study on the creation of a health and biotechnology cluster called Campania Bioscience. This project has passed the first phase, which assessed the pre-admission requirements, so has been admitted to the evaluation phase.

The partnership involves 90 entities, amongst which are biopharmaceutical and biomedical firms operating in the Campania region and major actors in the food and IT sectors, such as:

  • Bracco Farmaceutici SpA
  • Esaote SPA
  • Pierrel SpA
  • Siena Biotech SpA
  • Technogenetics SRL
  • Biotest Italia SpA
  • Healthware SRL (Gruppo Publicis)
  • Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA
  • Altergon Italia SRL
  • Damor Farmaceutici SpA
  • GVS Sud SpA
  • Industrie Oleifici Biagio Mataluni SRL
  • La Doria SpA
  • Pastificio Di Martino Gaetano & F.lli SpA
  • Pastifico Lucio Garofalo SpA
  • Clinica Mediterranea SpA
  • Neuromed SRL
  • Biodiversity SpA.
  • Opera 21 SpA
  • Engineering SpA.

In addition, the partnership involves almost all the regional public research bodies with expertise in the area of human health, including 18 departments of the Federico II University of Naples, 11 departments of the 2nd University of Naples, 3 departments and 1 laboratory of Salerno University, 7 institutes of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Ceinge Biogem, The Anton Dohrn Zoological Station and the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM).

The proposed project will have a cost of €120 million for the first three years. This amount will guarantee the establishment and/or improvement of pharmaceutical firms; improvements in the research bodies in Campania and the orientation of their activities more towards technology transfer and the marketplace; effective support to the local productive system with the aim of boosting the competiveness of mature, traditionally strong sectors in the Campania region (e.g., the food industry); a strong systemic action on production planning and development through the establishment of a network of joint state?corporate laboratories focussing on three strategic areas, i.e., nutraceuticals and cosmeticoceuticals, diagnostics and biosensory and biomedical systems, and novel therapies; creation of a lean-structured department for the coordination of the programmed activities; and managerial and support activities for technology transfer and promotion of the activities of the cluster and its promoters.

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